Granite Caledonia

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Countertop stone selections include:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Soapstone

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Granite Caledonia

Granite Caledonia

Caledonia granite is stunning and intricate. Warm and cool grays blend creating a diverse pattern for a vast amount of styles and design choices.

Starting, a white island takes center stage. Set on top is beautiful granite Caledonia, flowing off the side as a waterfall feature. Modern clean lines fill the space. Warm honey wood floors separate the white and gray color palette.

Rising up the far wall are marble looking panels creating a simple but stunning accent wall. Glass globes hang from the ceiling.

Caledonia granite is perfect if you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom countertops. While being stunning and durable, granite makes your space quality. Another amazing feature is it’s stain and heat resistant, which makes it refreshing to maintain. Further it impresses realtor brokers.

Checkout our waterfall islands. As well as, take a look at a similar option, Luna Pearl.

Come down today to experience our slab yard showroom. Whether you want updated granite countertops, or an added unique element such as a backsplash/accent wall. From granite and quartz, to marble and soapstone, we have you covered with our vast variety of beautiful stone slabs.

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