Countertop Stone Slabs Available for Viewing

Full Slabs and Remnants Available

Countertop stone selections include:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Soapstone

Ask one of our stone professionals at HMKS Stone Slab Yard for details.

Granite Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Ornamental is a blend of black, russet, grey, cream, and brown tones. The colors move and flow throughout the granite with an artistically beautiful texture. Touching the surface are the black and russet scattered flecks.

Giallo Ornamental makes absolutely stunning countertops whether for your kitchen, bathroom, or vacation home. With its vast color palette it complements many cabinet styles and colors.

White and brown cabinets bring out modernism, while deep dark brown would reintroduce a traditional style. Farmhouse is exuded with a white farmhouse sink and cherry wood cabinets.

Similar granite is Gray Nuevo. With sweeping drama, cobalt flecks sporadically rest on the surface.

Choosing granite has so many benefits. First, with granite comes durability and sustainability so you never have to worry about cracks. Second, clean up is a breeze with its water and heat resistant qualities. Next, it is sure to add value to your home. And finally, granite is attractive to real estate brokers.

Come down today to experience our slab yard showroom. Whether you want updated granite countertops, or an added unique element such as a backsplash/accent wall. From granite and quartz, to marble and soapstone, we have you covered with our vast  variety of beautiful stone slabs.

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