Marble Fantasy Brown

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Marble Fantasy Brown

Marble Fantasy Brown

Ridges of cinnamon and chestnut blend together and move across with an added textured look. Creamy off white and deep brown sporadically add an element of depth. Lastly pewter flows softly throughout the entirety of Marble Fantasy Brown.

Farmhouse meets cottage with the kitchen above. The island, kitchen cabinets, and pantry are all a cool gray with a light touch of mint. Fantasy Brown marble sits atop the cabinetry adding a unique color palette to the space. Accents of polished silver bring out the soft pewter from the marble. Moving to the floor, rectangular tile in shades of slate add the finishing touches of depth, while keeping everything balanced in one direction.

Marble slabs are metamorphosed limestone, consisting mainly of recrystallized calcite or dolomite. Therefore, these properties make it heat-resistant and allow for a high polish.

A top choice, like Marble Fantasy Brown countertops, for fireplace surrounds, and even a resting place for hot pots and pans. Marble is quarried as a large block and is then cut into slabs, making each slab unique.

Each unique stone’s extraordinary elegance and beauty make these countertops attractive to real estate brokers and adds value to your home. Moreover, the care and maintenance is simple.

Also, marble can be used as stunning backsplashes or surrounding your island creating a waterfall island in your kitchen.

In addition, add exquisite countertop styles that will brighten up your bathroom or en suite. MSI has many options that will create a statement enhancing your space.

Come down today to experience our slab yard showroom. Whether you want updated granite countertops, or an added unique element such as a backsplash/accent wall. From granite and quartz, to marble and soapstone, we have you covered with our vast variety of beautiful stone slabs.

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