Calacatta Venice

Replicating the sought after Italian marble look, Calacatta Venice quartz features subtle broad veining and a warm white canvas. With stunning beauty also comes neutral tones that with harmonize with any design style. Not to mention, with a polished finish comes extra luxury.

Here you have a dreamy farmhouse kitchen. Open concept is a timeless and on trend layout design. A vast color palette of browns and warm grays fill the room from floor to ceiling.

Quartz Calacatta Classique

Calacatta Classique

Calacatta Classique will not disappoint. Unique and striking go hand in hand with the clean white marble and soft white veining. With neutral quartz allows endless possibilities for design and color schemes. Further, add the look of luxury with a polished finish.

Classically beautiful is the bathroom. White and off white take over for a clean and bright luxurious en suite.

Quartz Calacatta Ultra

Calacatta Ultra

Evoking a classic look, Calacatta Ultra is pure white with subtle warm gray linear veining. Unique beauty is pronounced with the neutral and fair tones of the quartz allowing you endless possibilities with color and design. Lastly, with a polished finish comes the look of added luxury.

Quartz Calacatta Leon

Calacatta Leon

Authentic describes Calacatta Leon to the fullest. Its statement making gray veining is flawless and dramatic. A polished finish offers added luxury that with enhance any space.

We offer other beautiful options as well. Such as, Carrara and Blanca quartz.


Quartz Calacatta is durable, easy maintenance quartz.

Each quartz slab is unique in design, which in turn adds abundant value to your home.

Quartz is one of the most substantial minerals. A non-porous material, so it doesn’t need sealant like natural stone does. In fact, quartz isn’t a “stone” at all, but a substance created by man containing minerals from stone. These quartz slabs do not harbor harmful bacteria in the pores.

Slab Yard Showroom

Come down today to experience our slab yard showroom. Whether you want updated quartz countertops, or an added unique element such as a backsplash/accent wall. From granite and quartz, to marble and soapstone, we have you covered with our vast variety of beautiful stone slabs.

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